A Scalp Micropigmentation Session

Things that we’ll do before the treatment starts on session 1

Note: for the example below we are showing a patient treatment plan who has extensive hair loss.

Initially when you come in for your first scalp micropigmentation session we would go over everything once again that was discussed during your consultation to be sure your are ready and prepared to proceed.

We’ll then complete your health questionnaire and any necessary consent forms. It’s important that you read these documents carefully, disclose all health information honestly and understand what consent means.


We’ll then take some before photos before cutting the hair. And a series of photos once the hair has been cut. It’s important to take photos as it’s a reminder to the client of what they looked like before the treatment started and also a good way for the practitioner to assess how the treatment is going and also what they need to do in order to complete the treatment successfully for the client.

Photos and videos are also used when we get volunteers for client who wish to be models on our social media pages and website. For more information on how you can be a model please feel free to get in touch.


We then take some time to create the perfect hairline for you. We take time over this as we want it to be absolutely perfect for you. Everyone’s hairline is unique but there are certain styles that will match the shape of the client’s head. For example styles of hairline include rounded, boxed up, peaked, receded and natural. Some guys will suit a sharper hairline whilst others may prefer a more faded or scattered hairline.


Once the practitioner knows what type of hairstyle you will retain after your treatment, he’ll choose the correct dilution of ink to distilled water that suits the client’s skin tone and hair colour. During session one you may notice your technician try different dilutions. This is normal as they are assessing the colour shade of the pigment and how it reacts on your skin.


As well as marking out the hairline design we’ll also mark out areas where we need to avoid or blend into. This is important to ensure the final result is nice and even all over with no heavy pigment areas.


This first session allows your practitioner to lay down a foundation density which is usually quite sparse. Then in the following sessions this foundation pigment placement allows the practitioner to go between the gaps and increase the density on each follow up session, until you end up with a density that perfectly matches the sides and back of the head.

This technique builds a natural look that has a 3D layered appearance, making the final result authentic, natural and virtually non detectable.

It’s also when the practitioner will assess the skin on the scalp and make decisions about the future treatment plan. All skin is different. Dry, oily, rubbery or stretchy, tight, loose, sensitive there is a lot for the practitioner to take in and evaluate.

Your scalp artist will also be testing the skin at this point to see how well the pigments hold on the scalp. Possibly making corrections to the dilution early on in the process.

Note: After each session the pigments will be up to 50% darker than the shade they will settle to. So please do not be alarmed if they are darker than expected. They will lighten over the course of the first 4 – 5 weeks.

Please also be aware that the scalp will be red for a few 1-3 days after treatment and may still be sensitive for a few days afterwards.


This is where we lay down the most density. Going in between the pigment of the first session.

The time between sessions also allows us to see how the pigment will settle, as over the first few weeks and months the pigments will lighten slightly after each treatment.

Basically what happens is that tiny micro abrasions are created with each pigment dot is deposited in the epidermis (top layer of skin). After just a few days a thin layer of skin from the epidermis will lift and with it, a small percentage of the pigment. Your practitioner knows this and dilutes the pigment accordingly to take this factor into account.

With each session you will see your treatment come to life. It’s important for you the client to be aware that the treatment does take a little time to complete – usually around 5 – 6 weeks. After each session your final look will just get better and better.


This for many is the final session required. This is where we identify areas that may have lightened or not taken the pigment as well as other areas. Placing those all important final pigments to make the the treatment look perfect.

NOTE: Sometimes a 4th or even 5th session is required to fine tune, tweak and make your treatment the best it can be. We don’t charge extra for this. We just want your new look to be perfect! Get in touch to find out more. 

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