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Mark has been in the hair loss industry for more than 10 years and in that time has learned a lot about hair loss and alopecia.

His knowledge of the hair transplant industry has empowered him with knowledge that has led him to study and become an experienced talented, world renowned and respected scalp micropigmentation artist.

Mark is now 4 years into his healthy and successful career having now treated hundreds of happy clients with thousands of session hours under his belt. Mark has changed many lives for the better.

Why Choose Mark as your practitioner?

Mark is a Global and National Multi award winning Scalp Micropigmentation Artist

  • Scalp Technician of the year (under 2 years) – MPUK 2021
  • Folicule Pro Team 2021
  • Scalp Artist of The Year – MPUK 2019
  • Specialist Salon/Clinic to Watch – NI Beauty Excelence 2019
    Worlds Rising Star Award – Meeting of Minds 2019
  • New Artist of the Year – Worlds Scalp Micropigmentation Awards in Orlando 2019
  • Best Scalp Artist of The Year – Theresa Wild UK PMU London 2019

This year Mark is set to have the great honour to judge At the prestigious
Aesthetic Medicine Event – Aesthetic Medicine Awards 2021
Mark is a certified team Micro artist and is also a proudly a part of the Team micro leaders academy.

He is one on the very first scalp micropigmentation practitioners that holds a
proud membership with the BAHRS association.

Mark has spoken about hair loss and scalp micropigmentation at many events
and is due to be speaking at more events in the future.

  • ITC – trico event
  • SMP Booytcamp
  • Business of Hair
  • Meeting of Minds online
  • Aesthetic medicine online
  • BAHRS event

List events to speak at in the future

  • Meeting of Minds
  • Aesthetic Medicine – BAHRS

World Pro Team Sponsorships

Mark Smith has had the amazing honour to be sponsored as a World Pro team
member by some of the world’s most renowned companies associated with the
global industry.

Mark was previously sponsored by Bishop and Microbeau where he had the
privilege of using the latest Bishop SMP machine and The latest Microbeau
Machines and needles.

Currently he is sponsored as a Pro Team artist with a manufacturer of needles
called FYT and a manufacturer of smp ink called Folicule. Who also make SMP
associated skin care products.

Being asked to even be a sponsored artist is a massive honour as only the best
artists in the world are invited

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Dot Micro is located in the Beautiful town of Holywood which sits in the greater Belfast area just 5 minutes past Belfast’s George Best City Airport.

The Maypole clinic is well known is clean and modern. We are always very discrete, respecting your privacy at all times. The clinic has it’s own private car park so your experience is as hassle free as possible.

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