Does Scalp Micropigmentation Look Fake?

For the majority of people, the purpose of scalp micropigmentation is to create a conclusively natural look. It’s not about making statements, it is just about receiving treatment and returning to a regular lifestyle with the minimum of fuss. So really, does scalp micropigmentation look fake? No, not at all.

Whilst bearing the above in mind, it’s also important to understand that achieving a natural look from your SMP takes a little care and attention. It’s a highly skilled profession and if you fall onto the dark side of the industry, it can look far from the real deal.

How Does Scalp Micropigmentation Work?

SMP is administered by a qualified technician who implants natural pigments at a specific depth underneath the outer barrier of your skin. This is known as the Epidermis layer and the pigments are implanted in a series of tiny dots that resemble imitation hair follicles. The process is carried out using a machine fitted with a microneedle and each session takes upwards of two hours each sitting. Generally speaking, the treatment is administered between two to four times, building up to the effect of a closely shaved buzz-cut once completed.

Ensuring a Natural Scalp Micropigmentation Finish

For anyone looking to receive this ground-breaking and innovative treatment, it’s important to understand certain caveats that are attached to the procedure to ensure a natural finish. Because if you return to the question and ask yourself again, does scalp micropigmentation look fake? No, it doesn’t… however, if it is poorly administered or decisions are incorrect – it most definitely can look not only fake but also damned awful. So what should you be doing to ensure that natural finish?

Choose your Technician Wisely

SMP training is time-consuming and expensive. However, that is if a technician wishes to follow their chosen career path with diligence. There is no particular regulatory body which deems that this is required, which means that poorly trained technicians can practice. Make sure you ask where your technician has trained and also that they have previous experience.

Plan a Sensible Hairline

Hairlines only look natural if the design of them is plausible. Draw from the experience of your SMP practitioner and avoid any hairlines that are too low, linear or sharp-edged.

Adhere to Recommended Before and Aftercare Procedures

This is one of the key factors for ensuring the longevity of your scalp micropigmentation treatment. This plays a huge role in achieving the ultimate natural finish.

Think Ahead About Treatment Dates

If you get the above on cue, it’s clear this won’t have any bearing on a natural finish. However, it will provide you with the necessary discretion to avoid any unwanted questions. There is roughly a two-day recovery period post-session for the redness to settle.

To conclude…

If we return to the original question, does scalp micropigmentation look fake? Get it right and nobody will ever notice the difference is the fundamental key. If you’d like to know more about this innovative and avant-garde hair loss solution then reach right out to us here at Dot-Micro.