What Is Scalp Micropigmentation?

Scalp Micro-pigmentation is a fantastic cosmetic hair loss solution perfect for men with extensive hair loss.

By replicating the look of shaved hair follicles and matching the density of the surrounding remaining shaved hairs, you can have back what looks like a full head of hair but shaved.

We add micro pigments of ink just below the epidermis layer of the skin in the upper dermis to simulate shave hair follicles. When hair is shaved very short, up close it appears as tiny dots on the scalp. By simulating these dots using a carbon based ink pigment, we can give the appearance of a full head of hair, restoring a person’s self esteem and confidence. To find out more or to answer any more questions please feel free to book a FREE consultation with our scalp micropigmentation specialist

  • Men with partial to severe hair loss. (Norwood 3-7).

  • Men who are receding in the temple areas hoping to rebuild their hairline.

  • Men who are bald in the crown and keen to hide the bald spot or horseshoe at the back.

  • Thinning hair by adding the appearance of more density.

  • Men or women with scars on the scalp from accidents or, from surgery such as linear strip scars from an FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) hair transplant or spot type scars from an FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) hair transplant.

  • Failed hair transplants or hair transplants that have not given the client sufficient density.

  • To mask or camouflage old hair plug type transplants.

  • If you’ve been using a hair system or wig and want something that costs less over time with less maintenance.

  • Female hair loss.

  • Most types of Alopecia including Androgenic Alopecia, Alopecia Totalis, Alopecia Universalis, Ciatricial Alopecia (Scaring Aplocia), Alopecia Areata, Telogen effluvium, Diffuse Alopecia. For the right advice you must speak to a hair loss expert. We can help with this.

For the best results the pigment density is built up over a series of sessions. A minimum of 3 sessions are required but sometimes a 4th or 5th session is necessary to perfect the result. A full treatment can be completed in 5-6 weeks usually. In comparison with a hair transplant which can take up to one year to get the full result.

This depends on the amount of work required and the area to cover.Treatment typically takes 1-3hours per session depending on your degree of hair loss or scarring.

NOTE: Please allow for initial consult time before and after the treatment and plan your day accordingly to give us plenty of time to complete the treatment.

For more information feel free to get in touch.

This depends on how well you look after it and the type of skin it’s applied to. Typically if well looked after the treatment can last up to 3-4 years per completed treatment. Even then it doesn’t disappear but merely drops a shade. It is very easy to revitalise scalp micropigmentation with a single top up session where we apply what we call a 3D scatter of new pigment over the older treatment. It will look as good as new.

Scalp micropigmentation is classed as semi-permanent because the pigment is applied to the epidermis layer of the skin. So the treatment can fade but if looked after correctly can last around 3-5 years per completed treatment. You will need a single session top up treatment at some point. Which in comparison, is much cheaper than a hair transplant top up session.

If you experience a period of rapid hair loss or you recede further it’s very easy to correct with a single correction session. Since we keep a record of the dilution we chose for you it’s simple to fill in any areas that might appear over time due to further hair loss.

Absolutely not. If you find that you’re starting to go grey the treatment will look absolutely fine. Because the treatment is classed as semi permanent and will fade a shade or so over some years it can actually blend perfectly. We also scatter pigments carefully blending into the sides and back. For more information please feel to book a FREE consultation with our expert technician.

Scalp micropigmentation can work with almost all hair colours and skin tones because we dilute the pigment. The pigment is carbon based and so when diluted looks very natural on the skin. We dilute through a range of 40 pigment shades and so theres a shade that will suit almost everyone.

Cost is dependent on the type of treatment you require. For a quotation please get in touch.

Since our pigments we use are vegan the inks are very safe. There is also typically less metals in our pigments in comparison with regular tattoo inks.

We also only apply ink just below the top layer of skin called the epidermis in the upper dermis layer and thus not penetrating your natural barrier and protective layer of skin in the lower dermis.

Your technician is also trained in health and safety, infection control and so will not put the client at any unnecessary risk.

All our customers report that nobody notices they have had the treatment done or can tell that the treatment is cosmetic. In fact, some of our clients will tell you that they have trouble distinguishing their own real hair from the pigment applied. See our results.

The vast majority of our clients will tell you that the treatment is very bearable. There is some sensation as we are using a needle to apply pigment to the skin. However since we’re just touching the epidermis and not piercing the sensation is minimal and nowhere near the same as what you would get with a tattoo. On a scale of 1-5 in our client surveys, 95% of clients report the pain level at a 2 (1 being no pain and 5 being painful).

We are adding ink to the skin and this is the main similarity. However the main key differences are…

  • We are using a carbon based pigment that we dilute to match the skin tone and hair colour of the client

  • We only go as deep as the upper dermis layer (just beneath the top layer of skin – the epidermis)

  • There are less metals in our inks that we use. The inks are typically vegan.

  • The treatment is classed as semi permanent

  • We use a completely different technique to apply the pigment

  • There is dramatically less pain in applying our pigments

  • The aftercare is very different

  • We use a different machines that have been designed especially for micropigmentation pratitioners

  • We use much smaller needles than are typically used by tattoo artists

After each session we ask the client not to apply anything to the scalp for 72 hours. Then we require a further 4 days (7 days total for healing). In some cases this must be extended to 10-14 days if the client skin is more sensitive or takes longer to heal.

Beyond that there can by dryness or some slight itchiness for a few days but this passes.

In comparison to a hair transplant where initial healing time is 2 weeks and it can take up to 90 days for any redness to leave the scalp. Micropigmentation healing time is vastly shorter.

Typically we ask our clients to wait a minimum of 14 days between sessions depending on skin type. For more accurate timings please book a free consultation.

Beyond that there can by dryness or some slight itchiness for a few days but this passes.

In comparison to a hair transplant where initial healing time is 2 weeks and it can take up to 90 days for any redness to leave the scalp. Micropigmentation healing time is vastly shorter.

As long as you find a good scalp micropigmentation practitioner you will be safe. Like any cosmetic treatment where a person is responsible for providing the treatment, you must be satisfied with their results, knowledge and experience.

See our client results.

Our scalp micro pigmentation practitioner, Mark Smith has been trained by 2 of the best scalp artists in the UK. Mark is also a certified practitioner of Team Micro (Scalp Guru). Team Micro is an organisation that brings together the world’s best Scalp practitioners. Read more about our practitioner.

Permanent contraindications that mean it’s either not possible, will need treatment or needs consideration and discussion with your practitioner are allergic reactions to pigments, skin conditions in the application area such as: freckles, moles, keloids, bulky angiomas, warts, melanomas, impetigo, psoriasis, urticaria, chloasma, nevus nevi and skin cancer.

Temporary contraindications that mean you must seek medical advice before commencing any treatment would be Herpes simplex or zoster, immune weakness, cosmetic surgery, chemotherapy & radiotherapy, local infection, unstabilized scarring, skin conditions in the area of application: local dermatitis, bruising, sunburn, skin ulcers, Infections bacterial fungal or viral.

If you are unsure it’s always best to contact us.

The hair in the areas where you are suffering from hair loss does not grow back after having scalp micropigmentation treatment. We are providing a cosmetic look which is not real hair but a way to effectively simulate shaved hair follicles so that to the person standing beside you, the result is non detectable.

If you want hair to grow, you would require a hair transplant. We can also help with this so feel free to speak to our hair loss expert and get in touch.

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